As with any challenge, we have a few ground rules. Well there is only TRUE rule you should follow, as it is inline with the spirit of the challenge: The robot code, CAD-model, material list, and a clear and well organized documentation for production, assembly, design and control must be made available (e.g. open source). The rest of the rules are strongly encouraged, but nonethless we cannot force you to abide by them (as we cannot enforce that Chris wears shoes). However, they should be kept if possible (especially the cost limit).

  1. Cost limit: $100
  2. Must be legged locomotion
  3. Must be dynamic
  4. Actuation: Passive, active or a combination of both
  5. Steady-State, Repeatable motion on flat ground
  6. Untethered, self contained
  7. Andy’s mantra: Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS), so easy to produce/assemble/control
  8. Use of commonly available and relatively cheap materials (MDF, ABS, POM, cardboard etc.)
  9. Use of prototyping grade manufacturing systems (Laser cutting, 3D printing, 3-axis milling)
  10. Provide kit(s) at conference
  11. Bonus features: cornering/turns, standing up, LEDs…

Other than these you are free to follow your own ideas and invent any mechanism you want. Hopper, biped, quadruped or even more legs are all possible and allowed. Whether you follow rely on mechanical intuition like Jerry or run lots of optimizations like Russ, we encourage you to follow your heart and build a robot that will participate in making this challenge a success. Also participation as a group or with student involvement is encouraged. Both the DW community and an expert jury (to be decided) will evaluate your robot. The jury will crown the winner based on pure scientific, educational and engineering value. An additional popular vote of the whole community crowns the most elegant, amazing or just funny robot. We are also not liable if a member of the Dynamic Walking community (Art) gives edits on this and subsequently changes the rules.