Dynamic Walking presents:

The DRAPA Challenge

We challenge you to build and bring an inexpensive, open-source Dynamic Walker to compete, compare, explore, discuss and advance scientific exchange, the fun way!

DRAPA? Sounds Suspiciously close to DARPA…


You’ve all seen the highlights from the DARPA challenge. Great machines and sophisicated algorithms performing impressive feats (and their questionable stability makes for hilarious videos). The challenge has allowed roboticists to push the boundaries of dynamics and control, expanding our understanding of the fundamental principles of locomotion. However, access to these robots are quite limited to those with adequate resources. Perhaps one of the most restricting factors to building and testing a robot is the funds available. We think this is a shame, and luckily at Dynamic Walking 2016, a member of our community proposed the DRAPA challenge. Therefore for first time ever, we present the Dynamic Walking 2017 DRAPA Challenge!
DRAPA stands for Dynamic Robust Actuated Passive Ambulation. Its goals are simple– to build a robot that is accessible (open-source) and enables researchers and private  individuals to explore and verify scientific questions without the hurdles of a huge budget. Not only can researchers gain new collaboration opportunities through this challenge, but students of all levels can benefit as well. Building a robot and watching it come to life can fuel interest in robotics and make education interactive and exciting.

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